Private one-on-one Swim Training
            It's JUST you with the Coach for 1 hr.
                                     All levels.

                   with Coach Bill Edward, coach of U.S. Olympic swimmers, olympic trialists....
Coach Bill Edward: coached Bentley University Swim Team, American Swim Coach Level V (highest attainable level), Head Coach of South Shore Strypers 13 yrs,
Head Coach of Cohasset/Scituate Swim Team for 3 years. Swimmers have reached the Olympics, Olympic trials, National Champions, National record holders, MA State champs and over 100 All-American wins.

  • Looking to improve your swimming….                                    
  • Want to get a better workout when you swim your laps            
  • Training for a Triathlon                                
  • Feel like your breathing is off when you swim?
  • Got a lazy kick….need help with your strokes?

                                                                     $50 members     $60 non-members


Bill works with all levels on swimming abilities.  He has trained many triathletes in the aspect of swimming. He will work on whatever you need....stroke technique, breathing, kicks, speed, efficiency, comfort in the water. If you are doing a triathlon, Bill helps with transitions and gets the athlete ready for the swim portion of the triathlon.

If interested, print this out and drop by or mail to Webb's front desk. 
130 Washington St  Norwell, MA  02061  We'll have Bill give you a call.

             Webb's Pro Fitness Private Swim Training with Bill Edward


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(Non-Members $60/hr)….sign up for just 1….or as many as you want. Hurry. Space/time limited.


Times Bill (& pool) are available:  The time(s) most convenient for me, I have circled.

                           Mornings        Late am & afternoons         Evenings
Sundays:           7:00am-8:30am  & 11:00am-5:30pm
5:30am-9:00am  & 11:00am-4:00pm     8:00-10:00pm
5:30am-8:30am  & 11:30am-3:00pm     7:00-10:00pm
11:00am-noon                                           8:00-10:00pm
Thursdays:        5:30am-8:30am                                      8:00-10:00pm
Fridays:             5:30am-9am
Saturdays:        7:00am-8:15am

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