Yoga Teacher:
Julie Hoffman-Hogan

Yoga at Webb's

We give our members the 5 yoga classes listed below for Free!!

Webb's members are also given great discounts to
take more yoga in the

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The Yoga Room is the pretty adirondack style building behind
Webb's Pro Fitness.
It is owned by Heather Webb & offers workshops, yoga, wellness programs, etc ..
see below

Yoga Teacher:
Laurie Barron


To PRINT-OUT a Yoga Room Schedule click here.

On this PRINT-OUT, the classes in ITALICS are in The Yoga Room & Yoga Room rates are noted. 
The 5 classes shown above AND in BOLD on the Print-Out schedule
are the 5 FREE yoga classes you enjoy as a Webb's member***:

(*** "POOL ONLY" memberships, cost: $5/yoga class "MATINEE" memberships if come to a night class, cost: $5/yoga class)

Mondays 5:30pm Heather Webb
1 hour class - in The Yoga Room
Katherine Rossmoore 1 hr+ class - in The Yoga Room
Wednesdays 9:30am
Laurie Barron

9:30-10:30 is
Power Yoga; 10:30-11 is a Stretch Yoga so
feel free to come for full 90 mins
OR just the first 60
mins OR just the last 30 mins)

Thursdays 6:30pm
Sue McDonough
In the Yoga Room  - 1 hour
Saturdays 10:00am
Katherine Rossmoore in Aerobic Room

For many more Yoga classes, click here for The Yoga Room.

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