Come move to the beat and laugh your head off....while you burn some energy and mega calories, too!!

We offer Zumba on:

~Sundays 8:00am with dynamos Jill Beresford & Maria Kelley alternating (click here for alternating schedule) 
~Tuesdays 5:30pm with awesome Amanda Donnell 
~Tuesdays 7:30pm with dynamite Kate McCusker
~Wednesdays 7:30pm with fantastic Kate McCusker
~Thursdays 8:30am with Fantastic Maria Kelley 
~Thursdays 5:30pm Dynamite Tony Marino (LONGTERM SUB: Jill Beresford. Tony out on injury indefinitely)
~Fridays 10:15am Zumba with Super Chrissy Record
~Saturdays 8:00am with awesome Amanda Donnell
~Saturdays 11:15am with incredible Kate McCusker 

Check out our water classes....moving to awesome music....sometimes Zumba type island-y music....top 40's, oldies....fantastic workout...the Patriot Ledger wrote about us when we won last year AND WE WON AGAIN THIS YEAR!! Click here:





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