We are thankful for those who just voted us
#1 Weight Loss Center!  Thank you.

We are so proud of our members whose inspirational stories below will motivate you to meet your goals here...& have fun!!

Michael lost 136 pounds here!!
Michael does Webb's awesome Spin classes several nights/week & Weight Watchers.  We are so proud.
Congrats, Michael!!

Michael 2013 BEFORE      Michael 2016 AFTER

Cathy lost 190 pounds here!!
Cathy lost 190 pounds, 140 inches, 13 dress sizes!!
Cathy is featured in PEOPLE MAGAZINE January 2018!!
She does Webb's energetic Wateraerobics several days/week, She does our popular Zumba and super strength classes & Weight Watchers.  Cathy also decided to have excess skin removal surgeries to complete her journey.
Cathy has a great FACEBOOK page:
"Cathy's Massive Weight Loss"
where she shares her journey and weight loss tips!

We are so proud. 

Congrats to Cathy!!

Cathy BEFORE             Cathy AFTER

Cathy pants

Donna lost 135 pounds here!!
Donna does Webb's phenomenal Wateraerobics, takes our super Spin classes & works out on our cardio equipment. 
We are so proud.
Congrats, Donna!!

Donna 2008 BEFORE        Donna 2013 AFTER

Ron lost 185 pounds!!
Ron trains weekly with Webb's Personal Trainer
Terry Gordon. 
We are so proud.
Congrats, Ron!!

Ron BEFORE                    Ron AFTER


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