Class Descriptions

A.B.C. Bodyworks: Abs Butts (‘n balls) Cardio: Mary Tiedtke takes you thru phenomenal workout with a super strong “ab”dominal component to this class. Mary will spend 1/3 of the class on your abs, 1/3 of the class on your butt, 1/3 of the class on your heart/lungs: cardio!! Mary is a blast(!)….caring & kind ….she will use bands, tubing balls, dumbbells, coreboards and more!! Mary is a true inspiration to have as your “class coach” as she coaches you on to workout at your own level….& at your best!! You can only have a ball!!

Barre Above:  This Barre class will deliver incredible body-changing results with little or no impact that is both appealing & approachable to all fitness levels. This integrated style will alternate between a series of movements combining upper & lower body with compound movements & a series of moves that do not include upper body, but finish this sequencing of moves with a 30-60 second high intensity interval or hill.  Terry Gordon will keep you going...sometimes utilizing the ballet barre in the room, you will be working on core, posture, abs.... lengthening those muscles and strengthening them & with that cardio splash!  

Body Training: Friday mornings, Laurie Barron gives your body the training it really wants! She may have you doing some circuits where you'll move from 1 hot station to the next.  Stations are set up @ the room – some cardio & some strengthening. Other times, she may have you do some boxing or some spinning. She does some functional body training with you. Always a great time & great workout!!  Can be done without impact, no tricky moves.  Your “coach” Laurie Barron – winner of Best Instructor award will keep you hoppin’ – not stoppin’.


Mary (Mon am) -well known instructor in the Boston area – will lead you on a high energy workout consisting of various cardio & strength moves using weights, tubing, dynabands, jump ropes, etc. This awesome workout offers a challenge for all levels. Let your instructor motivate you to become all you were meant to be!! No tricky moves. Fun

Core and More:
Diane Hamilton takes you through a 30 minute class focussing on abs, and core. Look and feel 10 years younger with your beautiful posture! This is Tuesday mornings, so it's perfect to take Diane's awesome Spin class immediately following this great upper body work. What a combo!!

“Easy Does It” Wateraerobics/Waterwalking/Waterbelt/Aerobics:
These classes are an “easy does it” version of water classes (see descriptions below). Instructors: Roe Blanchard (Thurs 8:45am), & Amy Webb (Tues 8:45am) will take you thru safe, effective water moves using wonderful music to keep a smile on everyone’s face!! For land “easy does it” classes, see the “Stretch’n Strength 101” here below w/ the phenomenal Mary Tiedtke.

Lengthen'n Lift ( 'n Lose!) Muscleworks:
In a publication by the International Fitness Professionals Association, it states: "recent research proves combining strengthening exercises with stretching exercises dramatically increases fat loss (by approximately 33%)" This class does both: like our Muscleworks we strengthen our muscles... and then here we stretch each muscle group. Tuesdays at noon 45 minutes!!

Live Out Loud:
Laurie Barron takes you through a cathartic mind-body experience, working every muscle from the ground up. This class is as much for clearing the mind as it is for the physical body. She targets muscles and mixes in cardio moves, challenging your body and building an intense internal energy.  She will guide you to a meditative stretch and deep breathwork at the end allowing you to calm your nervous system and fully release.  You'll leave feeling reconnected, invigorated, and clear-minded.  (& you'll burn mega-calories in the process.) ...what more do we want?! :)


Pump those arms, lift those legs….wow! This non-aerobic workout is truly a workout. The focus is on toning & strengthening your body. You will use rubber tubing, dumbbells, bars & all kinds of “toys” to tone up. If you are new to working out & feel a bit timid about dancing, stepping or moving on your feet to music….this is a great place to start as you can get comfortable being in a group setting in our Aerobic Class Room w/o having to learn any moves or patterns. Great to add to your weekly workout for some crosstraining. You set the intensity. It is very challenging, yet you can stop & take a break any time (without such being noticed)

P90X Instructor Paul Keough brings you through a total body fitness program that uses a combination of resistance, cardio, core, stability and mobility work to get you extreme results.  Based on the concept of "muscle confusion" which means it evolves over time to ensure your muscles keep adapting and you avoid the "plateau effect" and keep getting results.  Most moves can be modified for people who want to lessen any impact or don't want to go full intensity All levels.  All ages. Coed. Fun.

Power Hour Full body workout...a little boxing, some step with weight intervals...great music and your motivating instructor Terry Gordon...she'll help you get the results you want! Burn calories, strengthen legs, arms, back and abs. She'll make you feel comfortable in the room...not only introducing you to each other, but introducing you to cool ways to work your body...& have fun!


Let your super bike instructors: Sandy, Diane, Dawn C, Amy P, Lisa, Terry G, or Deb take you for the ride !! Don’t be afraid to try it if you’re new to this great rage in exercising as YOU adjust the level on the bike (& no one sees what level you pick….so not intimidating or competitive.)  This popular, fun workout is only $2.99/class or $19.99 for 9 classes for members (non-members $12/class). You can reserve a bike ahead of time, too so you can plan your workout for the week. You can just show up, too, and pay when you arrive. Some classes we suggest you DO make the reservations ahead of time, depending on if it is the busier time of year or if a busier timeslot. These spinning bikes are upstairs in Cardio Room....with great music, laughs, motivation galore!!

Stretch, Strength’n Cardio 101:
An “easy does it” version. Much loved Mary Tiedtke will take you thru an hour of gentle cardio (aerobic) exercises & strength exercises. We are very lucky to have Mary, a very well known instructor in this area, teach this wonderful uplifting class. All to music, they will work on gentle moves & stretching. We’ve all been reading about the remarkable benefits of stretching – an absolute must for you. They also work on light aerobic activity & light strengthening. Fun time!!

Total Body Workout:
Laurie Barron (winner of Best Instructor Award - Reader's Choice) teaches this great workout on Friday mornings. It includes great cardio and strength training all in a fun environment. It's a blast! Come any time during the 90 minutes...stay for all 90, or just 30 or 60..whatever works in your schedule!

A super workout….with only 10% of your body’s weight impacting the pool floor as you move in the water. Our classes are choreographed and are done to fun sing-along- music (mostly top 40’s, remakes of 70’s & 80’s – fun!!) Moving in the water has 12 times the resistance as out of water….so just imagine the caloric expenditure! (450-600/hour!!) The water is 3’-5’….so you don’t need to be a swimmer. Great for strengthening and toning your body. A super combination (especially for those not wanting to perform an activity with impact) is this vertical workout in the pool. Results!! All levels. Move at your own pace. We have a great stereo system piped in to pool area & instructor wears a mic so you can here her cues better. Move at your own pace. No one sees what you do if you blunder as your body is submerged from the bottom rib down! We recommend watershoes with absolutely NO a water slipper (we do sell these at our front desk) (sneakers are not allowed - sorry).

Waterbelt Workout:

Did you realize that walking 30 minutes in thigh deep water is equivalent to walking out on land for 2 hours! Wow….so just imagine the workout with a waterbelt on & not touching bottom! Absolutely NO impact so it is great for anyone with bad knees, shin splints, injuries not conducive to impact/pounding. All the moves are done to music. Fun!! Great Instructors !!

Gentle stretching & soothing movements. Keeps you “centered” and better able to focus. It is wonderful for posture and strengthwork. We offer 5 classes that are FREE for our members:(The only exception to these yoga classes being free is: if you are a Pool member, then you are only entitled to Waterclasses with that membership and thus must pay $5 for one of these yoga classes. OR if you are a Matinee member, then you must pay $5 if you come to the Thursday 6:00pm or the Monday 5:30pm as they are after Matinee hours)
~Mondays 5:30pm with Heather
~Tuesdays 4:30pm with Katherine Rossmoore
~Wednesdays 9:30am with Laurie Barron
~Thursdays 6:00pm with Sue McDonough
~Saturdays 8:30 & 10am with Katherine Rossmoore
If you seek MORE YOGA....our daughter Heather (Webb) Quintal opened a beautiful yoga studio out behind Webb's. Click here for more information: She offers a discount to Webb's members: 10 classes only $99 (reg $120 for general public to purchase)

A cool, dancing (but you don't need dance experience)....move around to the latin beat & to top 40's....feel like you're on vacation with the beat of the music. Your heart will pound and you'll laugh your way through these
fun moves!! Easy to follow, great on the heart!! (& body!!) Hands down(!), we have the BEST Zumba instructors!!!!!!

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