SUMMER 2020 Class Schedule     OUTDOOR CLASSES on NEW turf!

Because we are limited in our ability to offer our usual extensive class schedule due to post COVID-19, and because we continue to ensure your safety (mandated 6' social distancing), we are offering GREAT OUTDOOR CLASSES!
The cost per class is only $2.99 for members!  (non-members $10 SUMMER SALE or they can purchase 10 class pass on SALE $95 on website)
                      The $2.99 works great..just like we've always done for spin classes..keeps people committed to their workouts)
                                 So many people have told me how much they love it, because it makes them go! Commitment!  :) 
CLICK HERE for a PRINTABLE version of this schedule

Here is our summer line-up: in italics are Yoga Room classes...SUMMER SALE: WEBB'S MEMBERS CAN GO TO ANY YOGA ROOM CLASS FOR ONLY $5!!!! AND NON-MEMBERS ONLY: $10 OR buy 10 classes for $95.
All OTHER Webb's classes are only $2.99/class for Webb's members and you MUST SIGN UP ON-LINE to reserve a spot ($10 for non-members) YOU MUST SIGN UP ON-LINE AHEAD OF THE CLASS & TEACHER LOGS YOU IN ON ARRIVAL  :)
8:00     Yoga Stretch'n Move                 Lori Dougherty  a Yoga Room Class out on turf - $5 WEBB'S MEMBERS /Non-members $10
8:45      Wateraerobics                  Tasha Collins
7:30      Muscleworks                     Mary Tiedtke  
outside on the turf
9:15      Wateraerobics                   Tasha Collins
4:30      Yoga                                   Andrea Skane  outside on the turf
5:30      Strong, Abs, & Weights    Anita Atamanczuk  outside on the turf
7:30      Yoga               Diane Hamilton for Amy Webb outside on turf $5 Webb's members (on-line) or $10 non members
8:45       Spin               Diane Hamilton  outside
10:00     Yoga               Kathleen Picardi a Yoga Room class on turf - $5 MEMBERS /$10 non-members or 10 classes $95 or Yoga Rm Unlimited free
4:30       Yoga              Sara (for Katherine Rossmoore)  outside on the turf
5:30        Spin              Amy Prostran  outside
5:30        Wateraerobics    Sandy MacDonald
6:00        Zumba          Anita Atamanczuk outside on grass and lot
7:30      Muscleworks    Laurie Barron
9:15      Wateraerobics  Roe Blanchard
5:30      Muscleworks    Diane Hamilton
7:30      Rise'n Shine Yoga  Andrea Skane
 for Heather    outside on turf $5 Webb's members (on-line) or $10 non members
8:45      Waterworkout  Roe Blanchard
10:00     Yoga                 Andrea Skane Yoga Room class turf - $5 WEBB'S MEMBERS /$10 non-membersor 10 classes $95 Yoga Rm unl'd 
5:30      Spin                   Lisa Tierney
6:30      Spin                  Lisa Tierney
7:30       Yoga                 Katherine Rossmoore
8:45       Wateraerobics  Sandy MacDonald

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