FALL 2020 Class Schedule     OUTDOOR CLASSES on NEW turf!

Because we are limited in our ability to offer our usual extensive class schedule due to post COVID-19, and because we continue to ensure your safety (mandated 6' social distancing), we are offering GREAT OUTDOOR CLASSES!
The cost per class is only $2.99 for members!  (non-members $10 on SALE or they can purchase 10 class pass on SALE $95 on website)
                      The $2.99 works great..just like we've always done for spin classes..keeps people committed to their workouts  This will be our new set-up henceforth.     So many people have told me how much they love it, because it makes them go! Commitment!  :) 
CLICK HERE for a PRINTABLE version of this schedule

Here is our fall line-up: in italics are Yoga Room classes...YOGA SALE: WEBB'S MEMBERS CAN GO TO ANY YOGA ROOM CLASS FOR ONLY $5!!!! AND NON-MEMBERS ONLY: $10 OR buy 10 classes for $95.
All OTHER Webb's classes are only $2.99/class for Webb's members and you MUST SIGN UP ON-LINE to reserve a spot ($10 for non-members) YOU MUST SIGN UP ON-LINE AHEAD OF THE CLASS & TEACHER LOGS YOU IN ON ARRIVAL  :)
8:00     Yoga Stretch'n Move                 Lori Dougherty  a Yoga Room Class out on turf - $5 WEBB'S MEMBERS /Non-members $10
8:45      Wateraerobics                  Tasha Collins
7:30      Muscleworks                     Mary Tiedtke  
outside on the turf
9:00      Muscleworks                     Laurie Barron  NEW THIS FALL!
9:15      Wateraerobics                   Tasha Collins

4:30      Yoga                                   Andrea Skane  outside on the turf
5:30      Strong, Abs, & Weights    Anita Atamanczuk  outside on the turf
7:30      Yoga               Amy Webb outside on turf $5 Webb's members (on-line) or $10 non members
8:45       Spin               Diane Hamilton  outside
10:00     Therapeutic Yoga  Kathleen Picardi a Yoga Room class on turf - $5 MEMBERS /$10 non-members or 10 classes $95 or Yoga Rm Unlimited free
4:30       Yoga              Sara Pearson outside on the turf
5:30        Spin              Amy Prostran  outside
5:30        Wateraerobics    Sandy MacDonald
6:00        Zumba          Anita Atamanczuk outside on grass and lot
7:30      Yoga (75 mins)   Laurie Barron   NEW THIS FALL!
9:00      Muscleworks     Mary Tiedtke    NEW THIS FALL!
9:15      Wateraerobics  Roe Blanchard
5:30      Muscleworks    Diane Hamilton 
(45 mins)
7:30      Rise'n Shine Yoga  Andrea Skane
 for Heather    outside on turf $5 Webb's members (on-line) or $10 non members
8:45      Waterworkout  Roe Blanchard
10:00     Yoga                 Andrea Skane Yoga Room class turf - $5 WEBB'S MEMBERS /$10 non-membersor 10 classes $95 Yoga Rm unl'd 
5:30      Spin                   Lisa Tierney
8:00       Muscleworks    Laurie Barron    NEW THIS FALL!
9:15       Wateraerobics  Medley of great instructors alternating: Roe/Amy P/ Tasha   NEW THIS FALL!
6:30      Spin                  Lisa Tierney
7:30       Yoga                 Katherine Rossmoore
8:45       Wateraerobics  Sandy MacDonald

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