Hi wonderful Webb's members! 
CLICK HERE for COVID-19 VIDEO of what we have done/doing for a safe environment for you
(ignore me in video re:  tub & sauna "allowing 1 person", government changed that.  Now no use of tubs/saunas til phase 4. and ALL Spin classes are OUTSIDE thru mid fall.  I made video in phase 2)
We've missed you!  Gov Baker announced "gyms" could re-open in Phase 3 with restrictions:
40% allowed in building,  14' distancing on indoor cardio, etc
We are re-opening with YOUR safety as our top concern and that of our staff.
We so care about you.
As we wean-in, our hours will be:
Monday thru Friday         6am-noon and 4-7:30pm  
Saturdays and Sundays: 7am-noon and 4-7:30pm
We are being smart. Between 12-4 we will further sanitize club and swim lessons & team will use pool,
thus lessening parents/children/teens all being here overlapping with members' time. 

Due to the 40% capacity government has mandated, you must reserve your workout time online which is strongly urged by government regulations
At this point, sorry, but you cannot just show up to workout.  Darn!  However, I will share with you that those who've been already doing Class Reservations for our great outdoor classes are LOVING it! It makes you stick to your workout plan!!
As was initially required by government mandates, we are keeping Locker Rooms Closed at this time.
We feel there are too many high-touch surfaces for virus germs to harbor and we feel it unsafe for staff  to clean & members to use this early in the re-opening phase.  For showering: use pool deck (remember your bathing suit, of course!) You can shampoo there.  Gym bags can be stored in Swim Lesson Room or chair along pool. Changing stalls available in Swim Lesson Room.  We know you appreciate our concern for all.
Being new territory for all of us, we are totally unsure of how many members will return right away.
Recent study in the news states:
"24% of gym members say they will never return to their gym".     A very sad thought to us.
"4 1/2 weeks is amount of time off before returning to gym once it re-opens"  those surveyed said.  Also in this article were quotes:
"What gym devotees also need to understand is there is a price for high standards of safety at the gym. So gym-goers should not be surprised or indignant if they now have higher fees.  If the gym is critical to your balance & wellness, you should accept those fees". `
Makes me realize: we are not alone.
Things you must know: 

  • You reserve a spot on line. Please arrive on time & leave sharply at the end of your workout timeslot (even if you came late...sorry, you must leave at the end of yours) to allow transition for next group to arrive - & your group to exit - in a safe manner and allowing time for further sanitizing by staff
  • You must wear a mask. You can remove mask during workout, but as you move to another room (i.e. treadmill room to Nautilus room, please slide it back on). 
  • 6' distancing is marked off as you enter lobby. Please continue with such as you workout
  • Swipe your own card & wave to our nice desk staff behind plexi when you enter :)
  • For the 15 minutes between reserved workouts, desk staff will re-sanitize equipment & high-touch areas, but please do your part:
  • YOU will be given 2 paper towels and use our Medical grade 99% bacteria/virus killing agent to clean cardio equipment after use
  • because locker rooms are closed, you can use our staff/nursery bathroom if necessary
  • YOU can bring your own Lysoll disinfecting wipes to clean after/before using  weight equipment, but please do not use them on screens of treadmills, arcs, and ellipticals as it damages screen.  Use our Green 24
  • More classes are added to our Class Schedule as of July 14th.  Click here to scroll down & see classes.  More are still in the works, please know! 
  • Please do not be upset with me or the staff for all these new rules.  We are doing our absolute best. 
  • My family has worked tirelessly getting everything ready for your return: on-line reservations, the new turf, yardwork, painting in club, electrical, plumbing, computer transition to new expiration calculations.  Please...we all need to continue to feel compassion & understanding for each other and for all small businesses and what we are all enduring at this time to try to stay afloat in these uncharted waters.  I cannot say enough thanks to those who have sent us kind notes showing appreciation and recognition for what we are trying to do to keep our wonderful club great for you.  Please understand we are doing our best.  Thanks for no complaining :)
  • We must all realize that it will feel a little different at the club with us all masked, but know that the love & caring atmosphere that makes Webb's so special is still here!  Smiles abound behind those masks! :)
                            CLICK BELOW FOR YOUR RESERVATION HERE    Thanks! Amy & Greg &  our family

Click here to make workout reservations.
Click here to make our outdoor Class Reservations.

Click below for another video below re: your OUTDOOR ARTIFICIAL TURF project!


Try you best to stay positive, stay happy.  We miss your smiling faces.
Stay in. Stay well.  Amy & Greg & all of us

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