Reservations for a lane in our pool or for classes are required. 
simply make their reservation on-line and love it
We explain on this website how to put it on your phone if you want...so you can make your reservation on-the-go! 
This set-up began during COVID and we are continuing it as members love 
it!  It keeps them committed to the time they choose. And, so safe. BEST OF ALL: we have had amazing weight loss stories since we re-opened after Quarantine in July of 2020 BECAUSE THEY ARE COMMITTED TO COMING TO WORKOUT.. :)
AS OF MAY 29, 2021: Reservations for workouts in the weight room OR cardio equipment will no longer be required...it has been quiet, so we are feeling there will not suddenly be a busy place...safe spacing still we are sure.  But,tune into the hours below so you know when the club is open for you!  For POOL SWIMMING & CLASSES: RESERVATIONS WILL CONTINUE as our members love it! 
If you plan to swim after/before you lift weights, you MUST have a POOL reservation..easy to make.

The reservations make results happen!..one member from Scituate said he lost 50 pounds since then, a member from Pembroke told me she lost 20 in 3 months because she doesn't say: "Oh I'll just go tomorrow instead",  a member from Hingham told me she hasn't been able to lose that 10 lbs in forever & now it's lost because she doesn't sit down with tea late afternoon, instead she is "booked" to come!
We have swim lessons and swim team mid-day freeing up the pool for our members the majority of the time we are open.

CLICK HERE to join if not a member yet.             CLICK HERE to make your reservation if you already are a member.  

Sundays 7am-noon 4-6:30pm
Mondays 6am-1:00pm 4-7:30pm
Tuesdays 6am-1:00pm 4-7:30pm
Wednesdays 6am-1:00pm 4-7:30pm
Thursdays 6am-1:00pm 4-7:30pm
Fridays 6am-1:00pm 4-7:30pm
Saturdays 7am-noon 4-6:30pm

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