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SWIM LESSONS: Chosen#1 Aquatic Program in Massachusetts by the United States Water Fitness Association  Click here for SWIM LESSON INFORMATION

PERSONAL TRAINING for Students AND Student Memberships (Student membership: 3 months only $109....on SALE NOW for $99!!). Call weekday mornings between 8-12 and ask Sue to set up a time for your child to work with a Trainer. She'll have 1 of our great Personal Trainers call and set up an appointment. You can charge it by phone: 781 878-7900 OR come in and we'll set up. This is pretty much on hold at this time until post-covid/covid under better control.  Thank you for understanding.  Click here for Personal Trainer rates.

Age 7-17 SWIM TEAM We offer two swim teams at Webb's.  We have an incredibly well renowned Swim Team with the wonderful Coach Jen (Taylor) Henderson, R.N. Click here to read all about  Swim Team....Jen (Taylor) Henderson does a great job coaching swimmers (age 7-17) in our pool.  They are timed at the onset of the session & again at the end of the session to attempt to beat their own time ..for a blue ribbon!  Great exercise, swim experience, fun. NOTE: DURING COVID WE ARE NOT HOLDING THE SWIM TEAM FOR AGE 7-17 WITH COACH JEN AS JEN HAS A NEWBORN BABY.

Coach Bill Edward (prior coach for  Bentley University's) and Coach of U.S. Olympic swimmers. A competitive team that travels for swim meets..very well known team.  Bill has taken some team members to Florida and Colorado to compete.  A great opportunity for kids to prepare for high school and college swim teams. Click here for details.
BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!   No birthday parties during COVID due to restrictions.
We have the greatest POOL PARTIES for here!!

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