Webb's Pool Happenings Schedule H

At Webb's, you can get in the water and enjoy your pool ANY time

We create this Pool Schedule so that you can read about what is happening in the pool at all times. You are welcome into the pool any of those 102 hours each week yet often there are other things going on.
If we have Wateraerobic Classes going on, the class may be using the entire shallow end, thus giving you width-wise lapswimming in the deeper end OR....better yet.... you can use the waterbelt for a fun vertical workout in deeper end (waterwalk in the belt or mimic crosscountry skiing, etc). OR , you can join in on the class and burning 600 calories!! All good!! You do get your own lane when you come to lapswim here. You will probably never have to wait for a lane.
Also note: pool is usually empty....no one comes....8:30-9:45pm....
nice before bedtime swim time!! 
Click here  for a printable version of Fall 2018 POOL HAPPENINGS SCHEDULE 
We were chosen as the #1 Aquatic program in state again this past year by the
U.S. Water Fitness Association



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