Very first time, you'll need to set up your account.
It'll take 2-3 mins.  Thereafter, just seconds!!
Most other clubs/yoga studios/spin studios/training facilities use this app (or similar) &  have always required on-line reservations.
We MUST do it during this time to monitor safely the # of people in club/classes & maintain the 6' distancing.  We know you understand as we must have a safe set-up for you & staff.
A nominal fee keeps people committed.  We know this works great from how we have had a $2.99 fee for spin for years...when spin was free, lots of no-shows..but the $2.99 keeps people committed.
Studies show if someone is committed to their workout time via a stimeslot (class or training session), the level of dropping out is minimal.  So this will benefit all!  The study showed an increase in weight loss & decrease in anxiety/depression due to staying committed to the exercise "appointment".
$2.99/class    $1.99/swim or cardio/weight room workout

(Memberships are ALL on freeze since 3/16/20 due to COVID-19.  Once we re-open & unfreeze, we will begin this great set-up.

                   Making a Reservation is easy.
To reserve from your phone:
Let's make a Webb's icon on your phone so easy-on-the-run reservations:
 For Iphones:

1. Grab phone, go to internet & type:
3. hit the box at bottom of screen with arrow coming out (signifying "send")
scroll down to "Add to Home Screen"  hit "done"    tah dah!  
For Samsung phones:
1. sames as above # 1 & 2, but then:
3. see the 3 dots in upper right, hit & scroll to "Add to Home Screen".  tah dah! :)

Now hit this NEW Webb's icon on your phone, and
scroll to bottom of page  
(it's this same page) 

To reserve from your home computer:
simply scroll down this page.  You're already here!

       This page is inactive during  COVID-19 Quarantine but
be reactivated when we can re-open.

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