Semi-Private Registration Form - 3 children in this class  
IMPORTANT:  Fill out a separate registration form & payment for each of the 3 children. 
DO submit all 3 at same sitting so it is evident on our receiving end that these 3 children are together.

Tuesdays 12:00 w/ Tim
Tuesdays 12:30 w/ Tim
Tuesdays 1:00 w/ Tim
Tuesdays 1:30 w/ Tim
Wednesdays 12:00 w/ Tim
Wednesdays 12:30 w/ Tim
Wednesdays 1:00 w/ Tim
Thursdays 12:00 w/ Tim
Thursdays 12:30 w/ Tim
Thursdays 1:00 w/ Tim
Fridays 4:00 w/ Tim
Fridays 4:30 w/ Tim
Saturdays 10:00 w/ Meg
Saturdays 10:30 w/ Meg
Saturdays 12:00 w/ Meg
Saturdays 12:30 w/ Meg
Sundays 11:00 w/ Evan
Sundays 12:30 w/ Evan
Sundays 1:00 w/ Evan
Sundays 1:30 w/ Evan
Yes No

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