Senior ....better word is: big kids trapped in adult bodies :)
                                    Ok..for our Health & Wellness classes for such....

We offer fun, friendly, caring programs for adults....

We have classes specifically designed for those beyond the Baby Boomer generation.....wateraerobic classes for all levels in our pool.

Wateraerobics is taught in our shallow end of our heated pool.  In the deeper end at the same time we invite anyone who prefers to exercise with a waterbelt on.  A waterbelt is similar to a waterskiing belt.  It holds the participant upright in the water such that their feet barely hit the bottom of our deeper end (5 ft depth).  The benefits of using the belt are that the upper back and core (abdominal muscles) are worked more than if in the shallow end with feet touching bottom (3-4 ft depth).  BOTH water workouts are phenomenal!! The benefits are endless: no jarring movements, gentle on joints, great for heart/cardio work, great for strengthening & toning, muscles are worked in BOTH directions....because for every push there is a pull....thus no such thing as asymetric muscle development in water workouts.  AND you truly are NOT limited to the water class times below....because ANY of our other Wateraerobic classes can be done by any level...and we have lots more than just those listed any class, simple go at your own pace. are NOT limited to just these classes below....check out all of  our Waterclasses on our Classes  page.

So, easily you can add these Watererobic classes to the schedule below:
Sunday 8:45
Monday 9:15   
Tuesday 5:30pm   
Wednesday 9:15   
Thursday 8:45    
Friday 9:15   
Saturday 8:45

 We also offer wonderful yoga classes for all ages and levels.  Our Therapeutic Yoga on Tuesdays and Sundays ...our Tuesday 4:30 yoga is also a wonderful class to come stretch.  Click here for our class schedule.

Adults can benefit tremendously from regular workouts with Nautilus/Weights and Cardio Equipment. If you are new to working out or have a specific health concern you would like to address, you should consider working with one of our Personal Trainers. Our staff of Personal Trainers are the best in the area. Click here for more information on our Personal Trainers.


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