Substitutes that we know of in advance as of 7/20/2018:
Monday July 23 9:15 A.B.C. Bootcamp: Diane Hamilton for Mary Tiedtke
Monday July 23 10:30 Stretch'n Strength 101: Maria Kelly for Mary Tiedtke
Saturday July 28 8am Zumba: Maria Kelley for Jen Sheehan (for Amanda :)
Monday July 30 9:15 A.B.C. Bootcamp: Amy Webb for Mary Tiedtke (Muscleworks)
Monday July 30 10:30 Stretch'n Strength 101: Maria Kelley for Mary Tiedtke
Monday August 6 5:30 Zumba: Christina Cronin for Anita
Tuesday August 7 5:30 Zumba: Jill Beresford for Anita
Thursday August 9 6:30 Zumba tonight instead of Zumba Strong: Christina Cronin for Anita
Friday August 10 6:00 Zumba: Melissa Lord for Anita
CLICK HERE for a printable copy of the Summer Class Schedule
Alternating Instructor Schedule:
Friday 5:45am Spin:
         Terry Gordon:       June 29, July 13, 27, Aug 10, 24, etc
         Deb Farrell:         July 6, 20, Aug 3, 17, 31, etc
Saturday 7:30am Spin: 
          Dawn Cedrone: 
    click on summer schedule here for details: click here
              Amy Prostran        
Saturday  9am Spin:     Click here on summer schedule for details


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