New Easy Way to Register for Laine's popular lessons.. just 2 easy steps!! 
                                         If you are looking for

                              If you are just looking ahead

to Laine's Swim lessons during schoolyear,
she has three 9-week sessions:
Fall session ~ Winter session ~ Spring session info, read below for basic info:
                                                               Laine Kennedy Hansell
 If you missed Spring Registration Day, there are still a tiny handful of openings left for Laine's lessons on Wednesdays thru Saturdays and for Evan's Sunday morning lessons. Just call:
781-878-7900 and leave your name, child's age & level (if known) as a message for Laine and she will call you back.  

You've heard Laine's name around town as being the best swim instructor anywhere!  It's true! 
She only has 4 children in a class,
so they are like semi-private.

Keep in mind, as a member, you have 3 GREAT swim opportunities:
~ you get "first dibs" on the swim lessons
~you have wonderful FREE Family Swims 1 hr: Fri 6:30pm, Sat/Sun 5:30pm. 

~our new line of cardio equipment & the absolute best classes anywhere!...& a pool to swim laps..
even during the lesson in a neighboring lane!

The Easy Registration works like this:
~ You click here to Pre-Register so Laine knows you want lessons.  You must pre-register by date given (example: right now is Summer lessons & you must fill it out by Wed May 16 for summer lessons): 
~ You look on our website on the following day (or if you are at the club working out, just ask) to see what time you come on Registration Day (for Summer, it is Sunday May 20)
~ Come to Registration Day to the 15 minute timeslot given to you.  This is easy in/easy out! The time you are given is based on what category you fall into.  These categories are listed below..scroll down.  Laine fairly designed them.  Great stuff!

Below is a sample of times for Fall/Winter/Spring   lessons ....remember if you are looking for
SUMMER 2018 LESSONS, easiest to
click here

Course Name Course Description Time Slots during Fall/Winter/Spring*  
Tiny Tot 2 & 3 year old with parent



Tadpole 4 & 5 year old without parent. Beginner Wed 


Fri  2-2:30
Sat 10-10:30 or

Advanced Tadpole

4 & 5 yr old without parent. 
Must be able to swim 1 length dog paddle and
1 length on 
back without flotation

Wed 1:30-2
Thurs 10:15-10:45
Fri 2:30-3
Sat 10:30-11
Level II 6 yr old and up. 
Little or no swimming experience
Wed 4-4:30
Thurs 3:30-4
Fri 3:30-4 
Sat 3:00-3:30
Level III 6 yr old and up. 
Must be able to swim 1 length dog paddle (20 yds), 1 length on back using arms and legs. 
Rhythmic breathing 10 times.
Wed 4-4:30
Thurs 3:30-4
Fri 3:30-4
Sat 3:00-3:30
Level IV Must be able to swim crawl and rhythmic breathing 20 yds, back crawl 20 yds & elementary backstroke kick 20 yds Wed 4:30-5
Thur 4-4:30
Fri 4-4:30
Sat 3:30-4:00
Level V** & VI** Must be able to swim elementary backstroke 20 yds, crawl 40 yds, breast stroke kick 20 yds, and side stroke kick 20 yds, back crawl 40 yds Wed 5-5:45  
Thurs 4:30-5:15
Fri 4:30-5:15  
Sat 11:30-12:15 &        4:00-4:45
Level VI** & VII** Must be able to swim elementary back stroke 40 yds, crawl 60 yds, breast stroke & side stroke 10 yds each.  Tread water 2 mins using 2 different kicks. Wed 5-5:45
Thurs 4:30-5:15
Fri 4:30-5:15
Sat 11:30-12:15 &

**Please note: special rate for Levels V, VI, VII  as 45 mins in length.

As mentioned above, for the Fall Winter and Spring sessions, we also offer more lessons on Sunday mornings and Tuesday afternoons with Assistant Swim Coach Evan Baxter. 
Sorry no privates on
Sundays or Tuesdays...but the 4-in-a-group seems like a semi-private, for sure. 

 No make-ups unless our instructor has to cancel (illness), no make-ups for snow storms or if child does not make it to class.  Thank you for understanding.  

Fees for Spring 2018

Lesson Type Member Rates
 (per student)
Non-Members Rates
(per student)
Group Lessons
No more that 4 children in a group
$140 $165
Group Level V, VI, & VII
45 minute class time
$180 $210
3 Students
$200 $240
2 Students
$270 $305
Private Lessons $300 $335

Discounted rate for 3rd sibling enrolled - $95 - on group lessons only
Category Descriptions for Registration:

CAT #1 - member who pays at least $419 for membership AND has been enrolled in at least 20 sessions w/ Laine (she keeps track )*
CAT #2 - member who pays at least $419 for membership AND have been enrolled less than 20 sessions with Laine*
CAT #3 - member pays at least $299 for membership AND has been enrolled in 20 session or more with Laine*
CAT #3A - member pays at least $299 for membership AND has been enrolled in less than 20 sessions with Laine*
CAT #3B - member who pays less than $299 for membership AND/OR has been enrolled in less than 20 sessions w/ Laine *
CAT #4 - non-member who has been enrolled with Laine at least 10 sessions*
CAT #5 - non-member who has been enrolled with Laine for 9 sessions or less*

CAT #6 - non-member who has never enrolled with Laine before*

   *these same categories apply to lessons your child may have had with Mary or Evan at Webb's (on the Sun lessons)

    • Discounted rate for 3rd sibling enrolled - $95 on group lessons only. 
    • make-up lessons
    • For winter session: KINDERGARTEN SWITCH: 
                                                           The Wed 2:00moves to Thur 10:30 and vice versa
                                                           The Wed 1:30 moves to Thur 10:00 and vice versa
    • No refunds made after the first lesson.
    • No parents allowed in pool area during lessons unless swimming themselves.
    • Parents wait in Swim Lesson Waiting Room with full glass view of pool.
    • Children must change in the changing stalls in swim lesson room OR in bathroom downstairs off Nursery.  Children are not to use locker rooms...we have designated this nice area for the swim lesson children :)
    • No coffee or food in Swim Lesson area
    • Sorry cannot use playground while awaiting lessons as liability reasons...a Webb's Nursery teacher would need to be out there at the same time

        If we are "mid- session" and you are looking at this website page, go mark your calendar to call us 781-878-7900 around dates below  to find out registration dates OR to look at this website page for specific dates once declared

          ~~Fall Session Registration is usually the Sat after Labor Day

          ~~Winter Session Registration is early January, so check this website in mid/late December for exact date

          ~~Spring Session Registration is usually early April, so check this website late March

        ~~Summer Session Registration is usually late May/early look here in mid May


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