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   Fall 2019 Swim Lessons are underway
                                         Sept 18 thru Nov 17th 
Maximum 4 in a like semi-private
(only exception is Mom/Dad'n Me class & Level V-VII might have up to 6 in class)
Here at Webb's, we uphold our impeccable reputation for the finest swim lessons anywhere!
At Webb's, your child gets special attention as classes are so small!
At Webb's, we want you to know who your teachers are as we are so proud of their experience:        
Mark  your calendar to look back here to sign up for WINTER SWIM SESSION with REGISTRATION starting early January.

Instructor: Evan Baxter
Sundays 10:30-12:30

Bridgewater State University Graduate
Teacher at present
Manager South  Shore  Country Club pool for town of Hingham-present
Competitive Swimmer
Webb's Tornado Swim Team Ass't Coach
Webb's Hurricane Swim Team Ass't Coach; CPR/AED certified 

Instructor: Meg Barros
Saturdays 10:00-12:30

Union College Graduate
BS Bio & Psychology
Swim Instructor since 2014
Webb's Tornado Ass't Swim Coach 2015-16; Competitive Swimmer;  CPR/AED certified; Graduated college in 3 yrs, presently attaining CNA for hospital/med school

Instructor: Tim Gaudreau
      Wed 1:30-2:30 Thu 10-12 
                Fridays 1:30-4

Owns "Swim with Tim" over 30 years 
Taught Percy Walker in Duxbury >10 yrs Taught Webb's > 10 years;
Teaches Red Cross Lifeguard & Water Safety Instructor
Teaches CPR/AED;
Featured in Patriot  Ledger for his Mom/Dad'n Me Swim Class

Gayle Henderson
Wednesdays 2:45-6

Swim Coach, Water Safety Instructor
(WSI); ASCA, CPR/AED certified;
Swim Instructor over 23 years;
Assistant Coach for Strypers;
Certified Lifeguard;
Certified Wateraerobics Instructor
Instructor SWASC- Swim With A Special Child

Daniela Marchione
Thur & Fri 4-5:15 Sat 2:30-4:45

U MASS Boston BA Psychology
Currently a Teacher Aide at the Osgood School in Cohasset; Swimming Instructor for 7 years;
200 YTT Yoga Certified Instructor;
Lifeguard; AED/CPR certified
RBT (Registered Behavior Tech)

                                ONE EASY STEP TO REGISTER:
1.Look at class time/level/day you desire.  JOT IT ON PAPER
2. Click on class desired below & refer to what you wrote down, if needed
3. be sure to enter credit card/debit card info

Then..your child is IN the lesson UNLESS we call you to say it has filled. We would call you within 2 days if this occurred.  Such is a rare would happen if someone purchased their lesson a few hours before you purchased yours.  If you don't hear from us that the class filled, just plan to arrive on day ONE 5 minutes prior to class to fill out release form at front desk.
Your credit/debit card is not processed until you are IN the lesson you selected.

 All classes are 30 minutes except Level V-VII is 45 minutes (price reflects such)                                                                                    Scroll down for lesson fees

IMPORTANT REMINDER TIP: jot on paper your SESSION, CLASS TIME and LEVEL so you have it handy when you hit "CLICK to register" below as Registration Form will appear & you can then easily fill it in

Level Description of Level

Click on class desired below

Mom/Dad'n me age 1-3 years with parent
    NOTE: we do NOT have tiny babies swim UNDER water for safety reasons (to stay clear of dry drowning).  We work with you & your baby on getting him/her to move horizontally in water with flotation & bubble blowing. Fun time with parent!

Thu 10:00 w/ Tim CLICK to register
Sat 11:00 w/ Meg CLICK to register

Tadpole 3-5 year old without parent. Beginner

NOTE: there is a choice to do 2 days/week if you desire: Wed & Fri 1:30

Wed 1:30    w/ Tim CLICK to register
Wed AND Fri  1:30
w/ Tim 
                               CLICK to register
w/ Tim CLICK to register

Fri  1:30      w/ Tim CLICK to register
Sat 10:00    w/ Meg CLICK to register
Sat  11:30   w/ Meg          FULL
Sun 10:30   w/ Evan         FULL

Advanced Tadpole

4 & 5 yr old without parent. 

Must be able to swim 1 length dog paddle and 1 length on 
back without flotation

NOTE: there is a choice to do 2 days/week if you desire: Wed & Fri 2:00

Wed 2:00  w/ Tim   CLICK to register
Wed AND Fri 2:00 w/ Tim
                               CLICK to register
Thu 11:00 w/ Tim   CLICK to register
Fri 2:00    w/ Tim    CLICK to register
Sat 10:30 w/ Meg   CLICK to register
Sat 2:30   w/ Daniela
                                 CLICK to register
11:00 w/ Evan  CLICK to register

Level II 6 yr old and up. 
Little or no swimming experience

Sometimes we combine Level II & III
Wed 4:00 w/ Gayle          FULL         
Fri 3:30     w/ Tim    CLICK to register
Sat 3:00 w/ Daniela         FULL
Sun 11:30 w/ Evan.         FULL
Level III 6 yr old and up. 
Must be able to swim 1 length dog paddle (20 yds), 1 length on back using arms and legs. 
Rhythmic breathing 10 times.
Sometimes we combine Level II & III
Wed 4:00  w/ Gayle         FULL          
Fri 3:30     w/ Tim    CLICK to register
Sat 3:00    w/ Daniela       FULL
Sun 11:30 w/ Evan           FULL
Level IV Must be able to swim crawl and 20 yds rhythmic breathing, back crawl 20 yds & elementary backstroke kick 20 yds
Sometimes we combine upper levels
Wed 4:45 w/ Gayle         FULL
Thu 4:00 
w/ DanielaCLICK to register
Fri 4:00  
w/ Daniela CLICK to register
Sat 3:30 
w/ Daniela CLICK to register
Sun 12:00 
w/ Evan CLICK to register
Level V & VI   45 mins
except: Sun 12:00 is 30 mins*
Must be able to swim elementary backstroke 20 yds, crawl 40 yds, breast stroke kick 20 yds, and side stroke kick 20 yds, back crawl 40 yds
Sometimes we combine upper levels
Wed 5:15 w/ Gayle  CLICK to register
Thu 4:30 w/Daniela CLICK to register
Fri 4:30  w/ Daniela CLICK to register
Sat 4:00 w/ Daniela CLICK to register
Sun 12:00*w/ Evan CLICK to register
Level VI & VII   45 mins
except: Sun 12:00 is 30 mins*
Must be able to swim elementary back stroke 40 yds, crawl 60 yds, breast stroke & side stroke 10 yds each.  Tread water 2 mins using 2 different kicks. Sometimes we combine the upper levels as only 4 in the class.
Wed 5:15 w/ Gayle CLICK to register
Thu 4:30 w/ DanielaCLICK to register
Fri 4:30  w/ Daniela CLICK to register
Sat 4:00 w/ Daniela CLICK to register
Sun 12:00*w/ Evan CLICK to register
2 children
You gather 2 children..your own & a friend or both of your own children Wed 2:45 w/ Gayle CLICK to register
Wed 3:15 w/ Gayle         FULL           
Thu 11:30 
w/ Tim   CLICK to register
Fri 2:30     w/ Tim   CLICK to register
Fri 3:00     w/ Tim   CLICK to register
Sat 12:00  w/ Meg          FULL

 3 children

You gather 3 children..your own &  friend(s) or all 3 of your own children..any combination of 3 you create Wed 2:45 w/ Gayle CLICK to register
Wed 3:15 w/ Gayle         FULL
Thu 11:30 
w/Tim     CLICK to register
Fri 2:30     w/ Tim    CLICK to register
Fri 3:00     w/ Tim    CLICK to register
Sat 12:00  w/ Meg           FULL
Private one person Wed 2:45 w/ Gayle CLICK to register
Wed 3:15 w/ Gayle          FULL
Thu 11:30 
w/ Tim    CLICK to register
Fri 2:30     w/ Tim    CLICK to register
Fri 3:00     w/ Tim           FULL
Sat 12:00  w/ Meg           FULL

  No make-ups unless our instructor has to cancel (illness).  Sorry, no make-ups if child does not make it to class.         
 Thank you for understanding
 Fees for Fall 2019

Lesson Type Member Rates
(per student)
Non-Members Rates
(per student)
Group Lessons
No more than 4 children in a group
Group Lessons 2 DAYS/WEEK
No more than 4 children in a group
          $299                 $359
Semi-Private    3 Students 
(you bring all 3...either 3 siblings or 3 friends)
Semi-Private    2 Students...
2 of your own children OR your child & a friend
Private Lessons
$289 $319

Discounted rate for 3rd sibling enrolled - $95 on group lessons only.

                                         Things to know:

    • Please no coffee or food in Swim Lesson Waiting Room. Thank you.
    • make-up lessons if child misses class
    • Only time we make up a class is if instructor cancels due to illness
    • No make-ups for inclement weather in the winter
    • For winter session: let us know when you register if KINDERGARTEN SWITCH: 
                                                           The Wed 2:00 moves to Thur 11:00 and vice versa
                                                           The Wed 1:30 moves to Thur 10:30 and vice versa
    • No refunds made after the first lesson
    • Parents may workout during lessons: $10 if a non-member
    • Each instructor has his/her own preference as to where parents sit during lessons: Pool-side vs Swim Lesson Waiting Room.  Let your child's instructor guide you regarding such
    • Children must change in the changing stalls in swim lesson room OR in bathroom downstairs off Nursery.  We have hair dryers for them there, too. Children are not to use locker rooms...we have designated this nice area for the swim lesson children :)
    • If we are "mid session" & you are looking at this website page, go mark your calendar to look back here: 
      For Fall, sign-ups are in late August/early Sept.   
      For Winter Session, sign-ups are early January.       
      For Spring Session, sign-ups are end of March/early April.     
      For Summer Session, sign-ups are late May/early June.


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