We have 2 wonderful swim teams at Webb's Pro Fitness!!
1) Webb's Hurricanes: Click here   OR read below SPRING 2020 for a complete description.
NOTE re: Hurricane Swim Team with Coach Jen:
AS SOON AS WE KNOW THE BACK-OUT-IN-THE-WORLD-DATE POST-COVID-19, WE WILL RECREATE THE SWIM TEAM FLYER DATES FOR YOU...HANG IN & STAY WELL. Jen has a newborn baby so we are not holding this team at this time.

This is a Compete-within-themselves team. Great stuff!! This fantastic Swim Team with Coach Jen (Taylor) Henderson & Assistant Coach Evan Baxter is underway for Fall 2019. Read below for description of this team. Winter 2019 registration will be available late November.  Mark your calendar to check back here then.  

2)  Webb's Tornadoes: Tornadoes IS taking place safely during COVID.
 Coach Bill Edward's Webb's Tornadoes Swim Team and registration for March 2021 thru August 2021 is underway.
Click here for the Registration form. This wonderful team travels to competitive meets & is USA Swimming when COVID restrictions are lifted.  They have competed in Florida & Colorado.  The team is underway, so if interested, please call 781-878-7900 our club for Coach Bill Edward

Webb's Hurricanes with Head Coach Jen (Taylor) Henderson 
is a  very well known team on the South Shore for ages 7-17. You've probably heard it said around town....this is the place for your child to get a great workout in the pool, a chance to compete, a chance to get exercise in the pool , and all with NO PRESSURE. How can such be?!?! The swimmer is timed at the onset of the session. The last day of the session there is a Final Swim Meet where parents come watch and the swimmer is timed again….if (s)he beats his/her own time:  BLUE RIBBON!!  Coach Jen works on competitive strokes and training techniques with a focus on personal best achievements..all in a fun, relaxed environment. It's a GREAT chance for a child to see if swimming is their sport. If a swimmer competes at an outdoor pool in summer, this is a great way to keep the swimming up and where it's only 1 or 2 times/week, so the swimmer can still do other things: play soccer, baseball, lax, etc. Great place for your child to come knowing no one….and they'll be sure to meet a new swim-goggle clad friend!!
    Webb's Pro Fitness was chosen as the #1 Aquatic program in state & #20 nationwide!!
by the U.S. Water Fitness Association for our incredible swim teams with Head Coaches Jen and Bill and Ass't Coaches Mary and  Evan, Meg and Larissa for our fantastic swim lessons with small groups and wonderful instructors and for our well known wateraerobics with our phenomenal instructors!!  We are very proud!!

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