Update as of November 17, 2013

                         This pix is us one year ago....we were out to dinner celebrating Heather's 23rd birthday.  It was November 16, 2013. 
                          It was Greg, Curtis, Gretchen, Heather, and me (Amy).  Heather had just finished her intensive treatment at the center
                         for Melanoma. I (Amy) had just  been told I have Multiple
Myeloma.    Wow....here we are....                                         

                    We are stillworking hard to beat this.  Heather is doing wonderful....she completed her treatment 8/28/13 and she works very hard at the club setting up the Challenge and Family Nights and teaching Barre.  She works full time at her grandparent's great construction company: JF Price Co in Weymouth.  I'm sure you've  seen the trucks around....or seen the beautiful mulch at the club....from JF Price.  Smile

                            The doctors are amazed at Heather and how she walks 4-5 miles/day and is working full time and is back to teaching Barre!! 
                                                                                                          She will beat it!!  She already is!! 
 I (Amy)
 had a stem cell transplant and was in Brigham & Women's for  2 and 1/2 weeks.  When I came home, because my immune system was wiped out by this, I was in complete isolation (other than immediate family).  Now I do have much more "freedom"....been in the club seeing all our wonderful members!!

   I am finishing my clinical trial up mid November and will then just go in monthly and will be watched with bloodwork and occasional scans.  I am glad to be a part of this clinical trial (I always thought clinical trials were "last resorts", but I have found out that they are NOT!!  NO!! They are cutting edge science to help patients now and help future patients. I am lucky to be in this very popular trial that many people are trying to get in to. So, I'll take one for the team.....hoping they'll find a cure....and at the same time, it should keep mine at bay) I do not receive my  vaccinations (the ones we all got as babies....as they get wiped out during a stem cell transplant) until next February 2014, so I will be unable to be in crowds for a while. Mine is a chronic disease. It is sometimes compared to Diabetes, where I will have to monitor my blood and undergo various treatments perhaps the rest of my life....as we all await a "cure"....a cure for Diabetes, a cure for Cancer, a cure for the common cold!!  

                              More treatments for all of us with cancer are coming down the road.  We think of it like this:
    "There is no cure for the common cold.  When we get a cold, we work through it.  We appreciate life more when we don't have one"
                 Having cancer is similar,
but - of course - it is on a much larger scale.  No, there are no cures for cancer ....or Diabetes or arthritis or....the common cold. But we all perservere.  We all move on with optimism and positivity.  It is the way. 
      There are so many of YOU  - who had cancer and beat it  (some of you..it was years ago!!) - and are now doing just great!!        

                                                                                                         You are heroes to us.
                                      We are soooo grateful for the wonderful, caring cards we receive. Thank you.  It means soooo much.
                                                                             Thank you for your prayers.  You are wonderful to us. 
                                                                                          God IS listening.  We know it.  Thank you.



                                                                                                      Amy and Heather Webb

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