Zumba..the best instructors anywhere are here at Webb's!!

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                        Come move to the beat and laugh your head off....
                     while you burn some energy and mega calories, too!!   

                               Zumba Class Schedule:
~Sundays   8:00am Zumba Express (45 mins) with dynamo Kim Smyth now thru & including Sun 11/18
~Mondays  5:30pm with awesome Anita Atamanczuk 
~Tuesdays 5:30pm  with awesome Anita Atamanczuk
~Wednesdays 6:30pm with fantastic Kate (McCusker) McShea 
~Thursdays 8:30am with marvelous Maria Kelley
~Thursdays 5:30pm dynamite Kim Smyth
~Thursdays 6:30pm Strong by Zumba & Zumba Toning awesome Anita Atamanczuk
~Fridays    10:15am Zumba with super Chrissy Record
~Fridays      6:00pm Zumba with incredible Anita Atamanczuk
~Saturdays  8:00am with awesome Jen Sheehan (Amanda Donnell Banish out on maternity leave) 
~Saturdays 10:30am with incredible Kate (McCusker) McShea 

Check out our water classes....moving to awesome music....sometimes Zumba type island-y music....top 40's, oldies....fantastic workout...the Patriot Ledger wrote about us when we won last year AND WE WON AGAIN THIS YEAR!! Click here:





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